Online Visibility: What You Must Know (Contd)

Online visibility has several benefits including increasing your business, as well as improving your domain's authority.

Online Visibility Brings You the World | 602-330-6602

Online Visibility Brings You the World | 602-330-6602

Online Visibility and Your Domain Authority

Though your overall domain authority is very important, most search engines don’t rank entire websites; instead, they rank individual pages making it very important that each and every page is properly optimized and linked appropriately. That's merely one part of online visibility.  More pages can easily lead to much higher online raking because there’s more to rank, but if they’re not properly optimized, and do not contain relevant, unique content on each and every page, the quantity isn’t going to help you. Instead, confusing structure of your website will further confuse search engine spiders, and may prevent your web pages from being indexed.

It’s important that you have fully fleshed out your website’s navigation so that your website is fully “crawlable”. You may also want to ensure that each and every page can be easily found from links on other pages so it is like a constant string. Google will land on one page of your site or blog, but will then continue to scan more pages from links there as well. From this next page, the process would continue. If you’ve a page that is not linked, it would be impossible to find it through this crawling methodology.

And when it comes to niche keywords, their placement is more important than their amount. Their strategic use involves targeting vital page elements such as header tags, title tags, the meta description, bolded text and even image alt tags. If your heavily base your keyword strategy on density then you’re likely to be penalized. This is why professional SEO help for improve online visibility is expressly recommended.

What Are the Advantages Of Improving Online Visibility?

* The best thing about increased online visibility is that you can reach out to billions of people worldwide. More than 4.6 billion people use the Internet worldwide. That’s about 40.8 percent of world’s population. About 3.19 billion use the Internet almost on daily basis. That figure would go on increasing with time. In North America, 83.5 percent of people go online at least thrice a week. And these numbers just keep on growing.

* It’s a highly cost effective medium to reach your target audience. With improved online visibility, you can leave your competitors way behind and improve your sales and profits within a short time.

Is it everything you need for your business to succeed?  Of course not, but online visibiity is a great start.

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