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Carol Farabee-Best Selling Author

In her best-selling book ‘Marketing through Authorship’, Carol Farabee teaches business owners how they can increase their credibility, improve their business, and many other benefits by receiving the recognition and prestige of being a published author.  The book breaks down the process of writing a book into easily digestible steps that simplify the creative process.…
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Jeffrey M. Donaldson – Best Selling Author

Mr. Donaldson’s new book, “The Home Inspector Engineer: An Interview with Jeffrey M. Donaldson P.E.”, recently achieved simultaneous ‘best-selling’ status on four different Amazon book lists. The book rose to the #1 spot in both Amazon’s Book store and the Kindle store. The book ranked #1 in book store’s “Contracting How-To & Home Improvement” department.…
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Scott Warga – Best Selling Author

Expert home inspector Scott Warga serves as an educator in his industry and is often asked the same questions by entrepreneurs interested in entering the home inspection business.  These lengthy conversations gave Scott the desire to create a book to answer these questions. We helped Scott create this informative guide to understanding the home inspection…
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