Reputation Management or Who Cares What People Say?

One idea that shows up in movies, TV, and from quotes by celebrities is the concept of not caring what people say about you.  While sometimes this holds true in daily life, in the world of business or other areas where reputation management comes into play, what people think about you and your business not only matters, it matters a LOT.

Online Reviews are a Key Part of Reputation Marketing for your Business | 602-330-6602

Online Reviews are a Key Part of Reputation Marketing for your Business | 602-330-6602

What is Reputation Management?

What is reputation management?  Reputation management is how to shape and control the reputation of a business. As concepts go, it actually goes back to the rise of industry, though it was originally part of public relations.  In the old days, smear campaigns by unscrupulous competitors and negative word of mouth from disgruntled customers could cost a company millions over years or even decades in the form of lost revenue, and a dwindling customer base.  However, a lot of people from business leaders to celebrities to political figures have learned the hard way is that something said or posted online can go viral almost instantly.   But that's just a few people sending social media posts, it can only have a limited impact on your business, right?

Myths About Online Reviews

Wrong.  First off,  know one of the ways that helps search engines rank a website higher than its competition.  While Google and other search engines use a combination of algorithms to rank a website, one of the factors that influences how highly it will rank is the online reputation of a business.  It can all start simply.  A couple of customers put up negative reviews on a couple of different sites.  But what you don't see is all the stuff behind the scenes, so to speak.  In a server farm somewhere in the world, Google analyzes your reviews and then assigns a value to it.  This value enters into their proprietary ranking system and then your site is either ranked higher and lower.  Google's ranking system is about as complex as a credit score.

The truly scary thing about online reviews is how long they can last.  Again, like some types of negative entries on a credit score, an online review can last indefinitely.  There are businesses out there that have online reviews that are well over a decade old.  There is an even more damaging part of online reviews.  Not only can they affect your business online, they can start becoming word of mouth and your online reputation becomes the reputation of your business.  All very good reasons to get reputation marketing services.

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