Best Selling Author Program

Why should you want to become an author, much less become a best-selling author?  Well, for one, credibility.

To get on any of these lists is to  a way up the ladder to the big leagues.  And it is easier than you might think with our best-selling author program.  But why should you want to?  Simple.  The more prestige you have, the more of a trust level you have.  A best-selling author has a lot of prestige, and therefore a lot of trust.  And any businesses that are connected with that particular best-selling author also benefit.

In the old days, there were only a couple of lists that you would be able to be listed on to be a bestselling author.  The publishing houses were confined to the East Coast, and it was difficult to the point of being impossible for most authors to even get anyone to read their material much less reach any sort of ranking there.  Now, however, there are several different publication avenues including news organizations such the New York Times, The LA. Times, and USA Today, as well as retailers such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and more.  And being a best-selling author has many more rewards beside credibility.

Being a best-selling author is something that can provide you an additional source of income that has the potential to last far beyond your publication date.  In addition, there is another financial benefit to being a best-selling author.  You get free publicity.  In a way, publishing a book helps to not only promote you as an author, it promotes your business.  It also improves your clientele, and gets you more business as well as referrals from other customers.  It also makes you stand out in your field.  And there is also the benefits of networking and professional development.  How would you like to be invited to conventions, not just as a general invitee, but as an expert panelist?  You can have opportunities to network with others in your field and related ones, and be the envy of all of your competitors.

Business in the US is very competitive.  You can work hard, struggle, and still never make it to the top.  So you need something that makes you stand out in your chosen field.  One of the best ways to do that is to get the power and prestige that comes from not just becoming an author, but becoming a best-selling author.



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