Website Design

Good website design is one of the many tools you will need to succeed in this competitive business market.  And a lot of people often neglect this one simple step with their business.

Why is getting professional website design so important for the success of your business?  Online visibility for one thing.  People have become accustomed to using a search engine to find whatever they are looking for.  So whether you have a family-owned bakery, run a legal practice, or have a pizza place with multiple locations, you need a way for people to find you.  And a website is one of the best ways to reach out to your current customers as well as any new ones.   A well designed site should serve one main purpose:  to provide information.   What information?

Well, wouldn't you want them to know your hours, location, and telephone number?  A professionally designed website can provide all this information and whatever else you want your customers to know. In addition, a website makes a search engine rank you higher on the average than a business without a website.  Having a website indicates that you are serious about wanting business from your customers, and that you're an established part of your community.   These are just some reasons to get a website, and webs have changed a lot over the past two decades.

Websites used to be nothing more than novelties.  If a business had them, it was a nice touch, but hardly necessary.  Now, however, the Web has transformed society, and on a smaller scale, the way we do business.  Millions of websites are added every single day, and a large number of them are tied to businesses.  Yet even though the World Wide Web has come to be synonymous with the Internet, and even though it been around for more than twenty years, a lot of businesses are still not getting how important building a website is.

In fact, according to reliable sources, more than half of small businesses in the US do not have a website.  Here is an even more alarming statistic.  Even in non-competitive niches, more than thirty percent of small businesses can fail in the first year.  Several cascading problems contribute to the collapse of a business, but one of the root causes is not enough customers.  Without customers, even a well-funded start up can fail.  Don't let your business become one of the thousands that close every year.  You need to draw that valuable source of income for your business: paying customers, and designing a website helps to bring them to your door.

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