Authority Positioning: What it Is and Why You Should Get It

What is authority positioning?  Some people might guess at it based off some online definition, but they would only have a one in three chance of being right.  It's not their fault, though.  There are, after all, a lot of marketing terms out there.

Authority positioning is literally the steps that a business should take in order to best promote and market their services or products.  And it is not just a marketing fad.

Authority Positioning is Something that Leaves Your Competition Behind

Authority Positioning is Something that Leaves Your Competition Behind

Authority Positioning and Why SEO is Fading Away

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those things that when it works, it really works.  However, there are several caveats to SEO that often make it more trouble that it can be worth.  For example, the algorithms that search engines employ change throughout the year, which makes what works perfectly today stop working tomorrow.

There is usually a panic in the industry, and then things settle down again until the next cycle begins again with yet another algorithm change with all the subsequent chaos and panic that comes with it.  So while SEO is still important, it is too volatile to count on.  Instead, what needs to happen is that there has to be some way of differentiating you from your competition, such as authority positioning.

How is Authority Positioning Achieved?

How is authority positioning achieved?  Usually a combination of factors determines how much of an authority you are regarded as.  It is often a a combination of the four P's, namely: promotion, product, place, and price, as well as following a strategy to improve your authority, such as media appearances, publications, and other techniques to make you an expert in your field.  And there are several ways to accomplish this

The first thing to do is hire an expert in authority positioning.  He or she will be able to map out a strategy for you such as being a guest on a radio show or a podcast, or maybe have an interview published online somewhere with it's own authority such as a news site or other media outlet.

Finally, you can never stop promoting yourself and your products or services.  You want to add to your resume so that bit by bit you show up on the radar and become a household name where your field is concerned.  That's one more reason to hire an authority positioning consultant, to not only help you succeed now, but to succeed in the future as well.

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