Becoming a Bestselling Author and Reasons Why You Should

Being a bestselling author is one of the best ways to improve yourself, both personally and professionally.

Become a Bestselling Author and Potentially Reach a Worldwide Audience | 602-330-6602

Become a Bestselling Author and Potentially Reach a Worldwide Audience | 602-330-6602

Want to Be a Star?  Become a Bestselling Author

We are surprisingly easy to condition. A bit of praise here and there, and the feeling that what we do really matters and we are often at our happiest. While money is sometimes a good motivator of people in their career fields, one of the best ways to motivate people is to get them to believe in themselves. Self-help gurus will charge you a small fortune in hundreds or even thousands of dollars for one weekend. For many people worldwide, sometimes these strategies work very well in improving their level of success as well as their satisfaction in their career. However, another strategy that is quietly gaining acceptance is to become a bestselling author

Power, prestige, and popularity are all very good reasons why you should become a bestselling author, but there more. It is fairly obvious that being an author can help you financially as well as professionally, but did you know it can also help you develop personally as well?

Live a Developed Life: Authorship Itself Is a Shot in the Arm

It is often the case that people feel inadequate for whatever reason. There is always someone smarter than you are, better looking, more successful, whatever. However, the only way to truly overcome any sort of feelings of being less than worthy are to make yourself more worthy. Instead of comparing yourself to other people, start thinking about what you'd like to see in your life. Write a list of goals. One goal to strive for is to be a bestselling author.

There is something else though, write down your accomplishments such as achieving authorship and put them in a journal or somewhere safe. Start listing the wins in your life and learn from the losses. As you add accomplishments,every now and then open up your Win Journal. As you look over your Wins, several entries show up. You graduated from college with high distinction and Phi Theta Kappa. You took that impossible trip to go see the Great Wall of China, and you have a photo to prove it. You met the Queen of England and had dinner with the President of the United States. You were able to retire as a millionaire at the age of 40. You overcame your fear of speaking in public and your last presentation had an audience of 5000.

A good life all starts with accomplishments. One that is within your reach and is easier than you might think is become a bestselling author.

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