Compelling Reasons Why You Should Create A Mobile Website For Your Business (Conclusion))

A mobile website gives you several new advertising opportunities. Mobile advertising is growing rapidly, which presents several new opportunities for you to reach out to your target audience with unprecedented precision.

Build a Mobile Website and Get New Customers | (480) 478-0542

Build a Mobile Website and Get New Customers | (480) 478-0542

Mobile Websites:  Tech Savvy Business

Most people have their mobile phones within reach 24 hours a day, therefore, you can use mobile marketing to generate immediate traffic and promote your business. After all, mobile websites offer faster download speed.  For maximum ROI (return on investment), ensure that your mobile ads are displayed on mobile-optimized sites, as opposed to regular desktop sites.

Mobile websites are core cost-effective and easily accessible than applications. Sometimes it makes sense to have both a mobile website and apps for your business, for instance when you have interactive games that are better suited to an app format. However, if you want, a well-rounded online presence, a mobile-optimized site is the way to go since it’s more effective, practical and cheaper than applications in the long run. You need to build different apps for different platforms (Android, Blackberry, iPhone etc), which is much more expensive compared to building just one mobile site. In addition, anybody with any web browser can easily locate your mobile friendly website by searching it directly on search engines. On the other hand, users have to know about your apps and download them before they can be accessed.

Positive Brand Identity with a Mobile Site

If a customer have a bad experience on your website because, he or she is less likely to return in the future. On the other hand, a well-designed, user-friendly, mobile site will make you stand out, give your business a positive brand identity and keep customers coming back for more.

Integration With Offline Media

A mobile device has the unique ability to bridge the gap between offline and online media via the use of QR codes. These codes have been used for years in European and Japanese advertising, and are increasingly being embraced in the United States as well. QR codes displayed in print can be scanned using a smart phone and translated into electronic messages like SMS, email address or website URL. Inserting these codes in your advertisements, posters, brochures and even billboards allows you to keep in touch with your offline customers all over the world by directing them to your mobile site.

Make a conscious decision today to create a mobile website for your business if you want to increase your site traffic, acquire more customers and improve sales. If not, your business risks becoming irrelevant and losing out to your competitors who have adopted this important technology.

So stay with the times.  Build a mobile site today.

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