Compelling Reasons Why You Should Create A Mobile Website For Your Business

Mobile website creation sends your customers and potential new customers a message.  You're a business that knows it is the 21st century.

Build a Mobile Website and Capture a Tech Savvy Customer | (480) 478-0542

Build a Mobile Website and Capture a Tech Savvy Customer | (480) 478-0542

Create a Mobile Website and Capture a Vital Demographic

Take a look around.  You may be seeing someone on a mobile website and not even not know it.  Walk down the streets today and you’re likely to see several people using their mobile devices either calling, texting, surfing the internet or taking pictures. There’s no denying it – the mobile device lifestyle is here to stay. Tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices have become increasingly popular as a way for people to find what they looking for online. In fact, more than 50% of Google traffic now comes from mobile searches. This can only mean one thing – if your website isn’t optimized for mobiles devices, you’ll certainly lose your potential customers to other competitors.

And as if that’s not enough, Google rolled out a mobile-friendly algorithm update back in April of 2015 that boosts mobile search rankings for sites that are mobile friendly. Because of this, it’s very important that you create a mobile website for your business now more than ever. Here are 9 compelling reasons why you should do so.

Improved User Experience with a Mobile Website

Have you ever tried to open a website on your smart phone or tablet only to be met with disorganized content that’s difficult to read? I guess you have. We all have. If you can’t browse through the content of a website easily, you’ll most likely close the page and search for another one that’s optimized for mobile viewing. To prove this point, a survey done by Google found out that 61% of mobile users are likely to abandon a webpage right away if they encounter problems while browsing. It therefore makes sense to create a website that all your mobile users can easily access and navigate if you don’t want to lose them to your competitors.

A mobile-friendly site significantly improves the satisfaction and experience of your potential customers, which in turn, increases your chances of converting your visitors into potential customers.

Potential customers are more than just an income source.  They are part of your community as well as potential friends and business contacts as well.  As such, you want a way to attract them to your business.  One of the best ways is to build a mobile website.

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