Do You Know How to Manage and Protect Your Company’s Reputation Online?

"Our Powerful Free Report Will Help You Ensure Your Company's Good Online Name - Even if You're Not Doing Business Online!"


Dear Local Business Owner,
They say good news travels fast, but bad news travels even faster -- do you know how to manage and protect your company's reputation online?

What if you were running your day to day business happily, unaware a storm of negative publicity was heading your way?
And you hadn't even done anything wrong!

If you're comfortably thinking "my business is too small" or "all my customers are happy", then you need to stop and take a good, hard look at what can happen to your online reputation. And how you can inadvertently sink your own ship with the most innocent, few words.

But What if You Don't Even Do Business Online?

The only time you visit the internet is to keep up with friends and family on Facebook.  Or maybe just to look something up, or occasionally to buy. The fact is...even the most unlikely people leave an "online footprint" of themselves far more frequently -- and going back much further -- than they know.

And -- what's worse -- is when others do it for you. It doesn’t matter if your business is in a  tiny town in Iowa or Manitoba, your company’s reputation has gone virtual and it’s also gone global.

This free report will show you why Online Reputation Management is important to your business and how to start taking steps to ensure your company’s good online name.

You'll learn:

tick 4 questions you must ask, before you dismiss the need for online reputation management

tick 5 online hazards you need to know about, when it comes to taking control of your online reputation

tick How the way things have changed online impact local business culture on a daily basis

tick How "mob mentality" can take one tiny hiccup and avalanche it round the world

tick 2 simple things you can do, to make sure your reputation always stays golden

tick One brilliantly easy online action you can take, to make sure even bad news go no further

tick 3 common ways of fighting unwanted or negative publicity you never want to use!

tick Why one unhappy customer in your store can sink your online ship faster than the Titanic

tick What to do, when you can't control the negative (and how PayPal actually did it!)

tick 2 actions to take -- and one major mistake to avoid

tick 4 online traps you may not know about  - and five positive steps to take.

Grab my report FREE to find out why online reputation management is crucial for your local business:

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