How Important is a Website for Your Business/Brand? (Concl.)

How important is a website for your business/brand?  About as important as a business license and insurance...

Design a Website with Global Reach for Your Business

Design a Website with Global Reach for Your Business

How Big or Elaborate of a Website Do I Need For My Business?

This is something that trips a lot of businesses up, particularly small businesses.  Each business is different.  A site that has at most a couple of dozen products is going to need a different website than say, a multinational auto parts manufacturer with tens of thousands of parts.  Website content is king, as we said previously.  Another thing to watch out for is what we like to call the "bells and whistles" rule.

Namely, if you're a small business, unless the focus of your business is media production or something else that is related to art, you won't need a gallery of pictures and flash videos, when you design a website for your small business.  Even though the Web has been significantly active for over 25 years, styles have changed. Even today, you can still find websites that use amateurish touches such as animated gifs, patterned backgrounds, and lurid font colors.  Let's start with the most important part of your website, namely, your text.

Text as Part of Website Design

All of your text on your website must be easy to read.  Your website's background color should be white or a very muted light color.  Inversely, your text should be black or some other dark color.  No combination of colors on your pages should make your page an eyesore.

As for fonts, I know Comic Sans and Old English fonts look great, on websites however, they look amateurish.  Also avoid font tricks such as a font size that is smaller than 12, or anything like strike through or super/sub script.  One thing that you must know about your website is that it has one mission: to convey information in a simple and easy to use format.  If you print a lot of content in super small fonts, people will assume that you're trying to hide something in the "fine print."  If you make your print too large, then people will assume that you're trying to hard to impress them.  Web users are often fickle.  Don't give them a reason to go to another site.

Ultimately, when you're looking to add a website, you want to make sure you go to a pro to design it.  You'll want to make sure they make you visible, and make it easy for people to get a hold of you.  That way you know you have the right website design for your business.

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