How Important is a Website for Your Business/Brand? (Contd.)

Website design is everything.  A well designed site should complement your business, not detract from it.

Build a Website Today

Build a Website Today

Website Design:  Content is King

While building a high quality website is important, maintaining  quality content and links to social media sites works toward creating a  good online reputation.

If the site contains information copied  from another source or has excess keywords, search engines may penalize you. This is where SEO comes in. Using this technique you will build a website that is not only well done from a technical standpoint, but also provides useful information that is  searchable by search engines as well as people and has relevant, clear content.

Having a good online reputation is very important nowadays.  Your online reputation helps knowing your brand is targeting the right audience. Quality content will bring a growing stream or customers to the site, establishing long-term relationships with them and ultimately improving sales. Building an online reputation takes time, but once built it is equally important to maintain it.

Reputation Management:  Diversity in the Digital World

In the digital world, a brand reputation management has become increasingly complex. Diversity means of communication at our fingertips rules for the use of everyone and the speed with which they evolve have become almost unmanageable just one person.

Today, a simple status on Facebook or Twitter link distributed improperly can ruin a reputation built over years. Therefore, we must ensure that you control your entire online communication strategy. This is done via a multi prong method.

First off, be proactive when responding to customer compliments as well as complaints, as we covered previously.  Next up, make sure your website is a live web presence.  Make sure that there aren't any dead links, and make sure that you have someone proofread your content.  One of the many things search engine algorithms look for is English that is written by someone who is writing without proper syntax.  This is also known as the "Engrish" rule.  A lot of spam content is written by people in the developing world,  so this is something that can get your site penalized by Google and other search engines.

So remember, you want to be considered relevant in the digital age.  One way?  Build a website in multiple forms, both mobile and desktop.

Above all else, hire a pro.  The last thing you want when you build a website is to end up on someone's radar in a bad way and have your website made fun of when it goes viral.

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