How to Diagnose a Google Rankings Drop

Do you know how to diagnose a Google rankings drop?  Here is some very good information from WHOISHOSTINGTHIS.COM:

Don't Be Scared of a Site Rankings Drop | Take Action

Don't Be Scared of a Site Rankings Drop | Take Action

"The first step is to diagnose the Google ranking drop. So many factors go into a website's rankings that it may be difficult to immediately see what caused your site to lose its position. And you can't fix it if you don't know what's wrong. So take a deep breath, approach the situation calmly and rationally, and start narrowing down the possibilities.

Note: Many of the issues and suggested fixes listed here are very complex, and could warrant in-depth examination on their own. We're focusing on diagnosing issues, with a few simple suggestions for how to fix them. However, always research issues further, and understand that correcting some problems may be much more involved than updating copy or removing a backlink. Every site is different, and there is no one solution that will work for every problem every time. If in doubt, consult a professional in search engine optimization (SEO) for assistance.

What Kind of Ranking Drop Are You Seeing?

This is the first question to ask. Websites gain rankings in several ways, so before you do anything else, it's important to determine the type of drop your site has suffered.

Single Keyword Drop

Check Google Analytics. Is it showing you've lost position for just one of your keywords? If so, where does that keyword appear on your site? Is it focused on one page? Check the page for issues.

It could also simply be that search behavior has changed. Perhaps a previously popular term for a service has given way to a new buzzword. It may be a simple matter of updating your copy with the newer term to regain a former ranking position.

This issue may be more difficult to diagnose now that Google seems to be moving toward totally secure search, and organic keyword referral data will not be as readily available as it once was. You may need to seek out alternative tools in addition to Google Analytics in order to gain access to keyword data. A few options are:

There are other types of ranking loss, and several contributing factors that help to reduce your page rank.  Ultimately, however, it is most likely a Google algorithm, like the Penguin algorithm change that happened in October of 2014.

If your ranking is dropping, work with someone to help you to make your ranking go up again, and most importantly of all, stay up.  That's the difference between page ranking schemes and quality page ranking strategies.


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