Mobile Website Creation and Its Importance (Conclusion)

Mobile website creation is all about lean and mean. With the changing demographics of how the Internet is accessed, you need to change your website creation strategy. It shouldn't be about creating a desktop website with a mobile website as an afterthought. It should be the opposite in fact.

Mobile Website Design | (480) 478-0542

Mobile Website Design | (480) 478-0542

Mobile Website Creation and Why You Need to Watch the Ads

As we covered previously, some ads that look great on a laptop or desktop computer will likely be blocked on a smartphone or tablet. In fact, many Google ads are too small for people to read on a mobile device and you'll need to be clever if you want to get the user's attention without annoying them. If it annoys the user who sees it, the publisher isn't going to care because that site's already gotten the revenue for it, but it's not good for you because you're wasting money and possibly driving away potential customers for many of the same reasons that they click away from your website when they're frustrated. When they make a Google search, they're usually looking for a solution for a problem they're having, not more advertising that blocks the content they're trying to access.

Build a Mobile Website and Get Some Love From Google

In fact, many website owners might not realize this if they're just now finding out about the ways that recent changes in Google algorithms affect them, but whether a website has a “mobile-friendly” version is now an indicator that affects where you rank in Google search results. This is actually going to affect your overall SEO strategy. When people are doing a search for businesses like yours on a mobile device, you want to not only make sure your site performs well on their device, but also ensure that they can find your site in Google search results in the first place. This might mean greasing the palm of your hardworking mobile website designer, but this is a small price to pay for a site that can be found on people's Smart Phones.

So, when you optimize for mobile by creating a mobile website, you're not just giving yourself another tool in your arsenal for building your online presence and keeping up with what the competition might already be doing. You should also add value to people's lives in a way that keeps them coming back for more. They may even use their mobile devices to leave a glowing review because you impressed them by answering a question they had, even if it was just where to meet up with friends for lunch.

So remember.  Stay ahead of the wave of change.  Get a mobile website today.

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