Mobile Website Creation and Its Importance

Why should you create a mobile website? Part of it lies in the way that people's browsing habits have changed in the past few years.

A Professionally Designed Mobile Website Broadens Your Customer Base | (480) 478-0542

A Professionally Designed Mobile Website Broadens Your Customer Base | (480) 478-0542

Mobile Websites Are On The Rise

A few years ago, people solely used either a desktop computer or a laptop computer to look up websites.  Now, however, people's browsing habits have changed.  The truth is, 40% of all web browsing is done on a mobile device and 89% of that browsing is done on a mobile app. You'll have only five seconds to impress people who do most of their browsing on a mobile device and they'll just add to your bounce rate if your site takes too long to load or the layout is somehow messed up on a mobile device even though it looks fine on a desktop computer. However, many website owners are missing out on this simply due to the fact that only 15% of websites were fully optimized for mobile as of 2014.  Yet another reason to get a mobile website.  You will outsmart your competition.

When you don't have a mobile site, you can be sure that you're losing traffic and potential customers to competitors who already have one. Facebook has a mobile app. So does Google. These two companies are likely where you're going to get most of your social and search traffic from and you shouldn't miss out simply because you haven't gotten around to optimizing for mobile devices yet.

Get a Mobile Website For Your Business

The opportunities that come with a mobile website shouldn't be underestimated when mobile transactions are projected to reach US$1 Trillion in 2015. Mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Bitcoin wallets are on the upswing and customers are going to want a secure way to pay for their purchases with their mobile device. Do you know what causes customers to abandon their purchases on a mobile app?  Simple, either the app isn't coded properly, or the mobile site doesn't take a newer payment option.

What you should take away from this is that you shouldn't be scared off by tales of fraud when your competition may already have integrated a popular payment option that is designed to protect both your rights as a vendor and the buyer's privacy. When customers may be making buying decisions while at a café with Wi-Fi, you should be paying a lot of attention to accepting payment options that don't directly identify the buyer (like Bitcoin) and options on which buyers can store their gift card information (like Apple Pay).  So join the tech revolution, get a mobile website for your business.

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