Online Visibility: What You Must Know

Online visibility is key to your business succeeding.

Online visibility is all about improving the buzz about your business |  Call Us Today | 602-330-6602

Online visibility is all about improving the buzz about your business | Call Us Today | 602-330-6602

Why Online Visibility Matters

So what happens when you search your company’s name online on Google or Bing, or any other search engine? How about when you search the types of products or services you offer?

In a perfect world, your business site would be the first result on page one of course, followed by your social media pages, and maybe few relevant blog posts. Online visibility would be a given.  At the very least, you would like your website to be listed anywhere on the first search engine result page.

So, what page does your website fall on? After all, a business website is meant to be seen, so if you’re finding that your company’s website isn’t quite living up to the online visibility standards everyone had imagined, it’s time for making some adjustments by hiring a professional SEO company for online visibility services.

Hey, Search Engines, Over Here!! Pay Some Attention!!

Basically, online visibility is all about relative page ranking or position of your site within a list of organic search engine results. However, establishing great search engine visibility is not as easy as creating a site and publishing it. Anybody can do that. The process involves some understanding of the sophisticated search engine algorithms and some promotion using different online channels.

This can be bit tricky because there are several factors that influence how your site appears in organic search results. For starters, there are many SEO companies. Often time, many of them prefer Google because of its huge global base, but that does not mean search engines like Yahoo and Bing should be ignored. Not to mention various online platforms within these great companies as well; did you know that images on your site are indexed differently than ones on your website pages.

What do search engine spiders look for? Search engines themselves do not think, so they won’t admire your pretty graphics, and nor do they understand your confusing layout. Instead, these search engines scan for keywords, they also look for internal backlinks and links and rank your site based on popularity of what online visitors think are important (among many other vital ranking factors).

While there is no universal plan for ranking your site, one factor that is indisputable is how visible your business is online.  The more visible you are, the more likely you are to rank higher than another competing business.  Ultimately, online visibility will get you found not only by search engines, but by customers as well.

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