Power, Prestige, and Popularity: Become a Bestselling Author Today (Concl.)

Here are some final thoughts about becoming a bestselling author.  First things first, though, the more you produce, the more you're going to succeed.

Become a Bestselling Author Today

Become a Bestselling Author Today

Publishing your Work: How Much is Too Much

When you are working on trying to become a bestselling author, you want to remember to walk a line between producing too much and not producing enough. A good example of too much is the Chicken Soup for the Soul and the Wheel of Time series. By the time they were done, there were dozens of books and they both got to near ludicrous levels. But what happens if you produce too little?

First off, know that any work that you produce is most likely going to be non-fiction. People that are looking for information from you are going to want it delivered succinctly as well as completely. So with that in mind, you want to produce good quality content that is something that your readers need and didn't know, or otherwise, you're going to start losing credibility. Again, remember, balance it out. Make sure you have enough content, but not too much. However, it isn't just the amount of your work that you publish, it is the quality of your work as well.  Remember, good quality content is not something that is slapped together and uploaded in mere minutes.  You should carefully research your topic,  and put your book together carefully.  Edit your book where appropriate and have someone else review it and edit it as well. And that's it right?  Wrong.   You also want to make sure that you get good marketing for your book.

How Important is Marketing With a Bestselling Book

Well, let's put it this way. If you don't market and promote your work, except for a dozen or so of your closest friends or family, no one will hear of your book or buy it. You want someone to market your work effectively.  Print media is dying, as are television and cable spots.  So what is a good way to market your bestselling book?  The Internet of course.

Remember, that we are truly fortunate in that we have access to advanced technology that our parents and grandparents didn't have.  So take advantage of new media and new strategies.  Be patient and grow your authority slowly, and then you'll be on your way to not just being a published author, but being an acclaimed bestselling author.

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