Power, Prestige, and Popularity: Become a Bestselling Author Today

Why should you become a bestselling author?  Well, there are three reasons to do so: power, prestige, and popularity.

Becoming a Bestselling Author is a Way of Establishing Your Reputation

Becoming a Bestselling Author is a Way of Establishing Your Reputation

The Power of Being a Best Selling Author

Guess what is the ultimate brochure?  We'll give you a clue.  It isn't one of those tri-fold full color spreads that you place in a little cardboard stand in a kiosk somewhere.  It is a published book by a bestselling author.

A best selling book promotes you, your business and let's face it.  You can't buy the sort of publicity you'd get.  However, there is another powerful reason to become a bestselling author, it simultaneously expands your client base and improves your existing clientele.  It also makes you a dominant player and separates you from your competitors.  Regardless of whether they have any real oomph to back it up, bestselling authors are considered authorities in their area.  Business owners who publish are perceived at a much more favorable level than business owners that don't.  So that it turn ties into the next topic: prestige.

Prestige and Popularity

How important is the prestige of a business or a business owner?  Very important.  Prestige is built in a lot of different ways, such as having a good reputation for quality goods and service as well as treating your customers well, but there is another way of achieving this level of prestige, by producing a bestselling book. Why?

Becoming a bestselling author makes you an authority. It doesn't matter if you're a florist or the CEO of a small corporation. Being published And becoming a bestselling author gives you a patina of respectability in your industry. But how do you become a bestselling author? There are several books that have made the New York Times bestseller list that have been less than stellar. Look at Stephanie Meyer for example. Her books are widely decried as being badly written, but three books and four movies later, there isn't a single person in the US who has not heard of the "Twilight Saga."
Is it pure blind luck that made her books a household word?

If you want to become a bestselling author, it is a rare combination of things that will determine if you make it or not. It is actually quite simple. Have something interesting to say, tap in to current trends, and find someone who can help you to get your work out there. Once you have that, you're no longer Jane Doe, invisible business owner. Now you're a popular, prestigious, and powerful bestselling author


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