Reputation Marketing: Enhance the Positive

How important is reputation marketing?  After all, this is the 21st Century.  Word of mouth is something that belongs to the 50's, right?  Not exactly.

Online Reputation Can Make or Break Your Business | 602-330-6602

Online Reputation Can Make or Break Your Business | 602-330-6602

Reputation Marketing's Importance in the Business World

Joan Jett once sang about not caring about having a bad reputation.  Politicians try to brand themselves as being rebels or mavericks, and sometimes that works for them.  However, in the business world, a bad reputation is not anything to be desired.  And reputation marketing is vital.

You know the sites that are out there.  You've probably even used some of them.  Sites like Yelp, SuperPages, Trip Advisor and many others are all about reviews.  Even larger social media networks such as Facebook and Google Plus have sites for people to leave a review, either positive or negative about an experience that they have about a business.  More and more people look at and trust online reviews when they are on the hunt for pretty much anything from a decent beauty salon to a place where they can buy a set of spark plugs for a F150 truck.  It isn't just word of mouth that spreads slowly over time.  Now people can put a review up in seconds, and have it reach a worldwide audience, not just a local market.  And reviews have a bigger impact than you might think.  Hence the reason that online reputation marketing matters so much.

Your Online Reputation and How You Rank With Google

Did you know that online reviews effects your search engine ranking with Google?  It does. One of the many factors Google algorithms use to rank your site is your overall rating from your customers.  So Gianni's Pizza Place with 2.5 stars will not get the same ranking as Lucia's Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant with 4.5 or even 5 stars.  That's where a service like ours comes in handy.  We'll respond quickly and professionally to reviews both positive and not so positive.  One of the things that Google also looks for is how responsive a business is to reviews of their customers.

You can't please everyone.  Sooner or later, even if you have superlative service, someone will find fault with what you do.  The best way to respond to it?  Counter it with positive.  That way everyone wins.  Your future customers see you as a responsible and responsive business owner, you keep your customers and get new ones.  Google sees all this and gives you extra search engine oomph.  In short, almost everyone wins.  These are all very good reasons for online reputation marketing.

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