Reputation Marketing or Why It Really Does Matter What People Say

You might ask is reputation marketing even necessary?  After all, if you offer good products and services and you treat your customers well, you don't have anything to worry about, right?  Not really...

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Your Online Reputation affects your business directly
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Reputation Marketing: The Power of The Internet

When the World Wide Web started to gain traction in the very early 90's, a lot of so-called experts proclaimed it as a giant fad.  A fad is something that fades away after a relatively short period of time.  The World Wide Web and the Internet as a whole is many things, but a fad isn't one of them.  In fact, instead of dwindling, the Internet has a bigger and bigger presence in our daily lives.  And one of the ways it impacts both customers and businesses is online reviews.

It used to be that businesses advertised in the yellow pages, and through different media such as printed flyers, commercial spots, and giveaways.  While some of these methods are still valuable ways of snagging customers, they are fading and will likely become nothing but a historical footnote.  The way customers locate a place is to look it over online first before they go there, and one of the many things they look at is it's online reputation.  Customers look for reviews of the business as one of the many factors that determines where they will spend their hard-earned money.  And while some review sites have a holding period of up to a week, a great many online reviews are real time.  And all it takes is a couple of negative reviews, and they can stay up there for years.  It isn't just to get new customers to come into your place of business, it's also to get a bit of notice from someone who has become a dominant player on the Internet:  Google itself.

Your Online Reputation and How You Rank With Google

Google ranks sites based on a complex series of algorithms.  However, guess what is one way to rank higher with Google?  You guessed it, good reviews.  As to why you need a company to help you with online reviews, and reputation marketing, that's simple.

Some businesses think that all they need for a review is an email account and a brief blurb about how great their product or service is.  Well, aggregate sites which Google pulls from for your review standing have personnel that look at reviews.  They discount about 60%-70% of online reviews for a lot of reasons.  One red flag for Google is a series of reviews that for whatever reason don't appear natural.  A lot of times, a business can be trying too hard to improve their online reputation to find that they have disappeared from search results.

We will cover more of this in a future article.




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