Social Media Marketing and Taking Your Business Social

Social media marketing isn't just a buzzword.  You need to be on multiple platforms in order to help you dominate your marketplace.  This article will explore why.

Get Social Media Marketing Today | (480) 478-0542

Get Social Media Marketing Today | (480) 478-0542

Developing a Social Media Presence

Unless you're a garage band, it's not enough to have a MySpace page anymore.  You want people to find you on Facebook, Google Plus, and other social media platforms, so developing a social media presence is key.  For one, higher search engine ranking from Google and other search engines. All of the social media platforms are established domains and as such, Google views back links that come from those sites as authoritative.  Another reason they are so favorably viewed is the tighter security such sites have started to develop.  In the old days, it was fairly easy for a spammer to establish a Facebook page or a Twitter account.  Now, with the combination of human oversight and computer scanning, a lot of spammers are shut down often within days if not hours.

Yet another reason that social media marketing helps is how cross functional some of the social media platforms are.  Both Facebook and Google Plus for example allow people to leave reviews on business pages, which is another thing that gives you good Google mojo.  If you have a good online reputation from reviews that people leave on your Google Plus or Facebook page, then your business will get some crucial ranking strength.  It's not just ranking however, that is why you should develop a presence on social media platforms, however.

Social Media Marketing and The Savvy Business Owner

If you run an established local business, you probably wonder why you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus page.  After all, you have a website, maybe even a free mobile app.  You're pretty with it.  Well, yes, but what about connecting on a deeper level to your community.  Social media platforms allow you to post up to the date updates.  So if you're having a two for one sale on entrees at your Chinese restaurant, or you're running a promotional sweepstakes at your print shop, guess where you can advertise it for free?  That's right.  On your Facebook page.  But you probably don't have a lot of time to update your status on Facebook.

That's where we come in.  Having someone to update your Facebook page may sound trivial, but again, there is the issue of Google rankings juice.  The more of an active presence you have on social media, the more likely it is for search engines to rank you higher.  So, remember.  Stay with the times.  Get social media marketing for your business.

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