Why You Need a Solid Online Reputation

Having a solid online reputation is a luxury, but hardly necessary, right?  Wrong.

Online Reputation Can Make or Break Your Business | 602-330-6602

Online Reputation Can Make or Break Your Business | 602-330-6602

Online Reputation Marketing:  Unlock Your Potential

A good online reputation is a crucial thing for any business.  Many companies have been quick to assess and harness the potential of blogs and social media for promoting their positive image and reach out to their target audience, however, reputation can be quickly ruined by just a handful of negative reviews. Your business name and brand is only as good as its reputation. As a business, it is important that you properly curate and safeguard that reputation.

It’s how your worldwide customers see you, discuss you and think of you. It’s not hard to find examples on how negative social media and few bad online reviews have affected a business. So it’s crucial to keep a close eye on your online reputation and develop a rock solid reputation marketing strategy as it can ensure your company’s long term success.

A critical blog post, a bad review, an out of control rant from an ex-employee or an unflattering link that shows on the first page of Google search results can be devastating for your business, as this may easily cause click-through rates to plummet and your business sales to drop. This also affects search results for years to come. Many businesses now understand the importance of reputation management. To ensure that companies have positive digital footprint, it has now become much more importantly to consistently portray a positive online reputation.

Reputation Marketing Companies

Thousands of businesses nationwide are now hiring reputation management companies to control their digital footprint and for removing negative online impressions from competitors or unsatisfied customers. Google algorithm now portrays certain sites to be more relevant than they are. 96 percent of people never click beyond first page meaning it is important to ensure that search results on this page are positive.

Reputation marketing companies have highly trained staff that can remove negative content from websites and search engines. These companies use many techniques that affect Google search results such as reverse SEO that vastly improves results by successfully pushing all negative pages down the search results and push neutral or positive results higher up the page.

Business has changed a lot in the past decade.  And business on the Web has changed even more.  So keep informed of technological advances.  And get with an online reputation expert.

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